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Kick start your new year’s job hunt.

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New year is just coming around the corner, so it may be time to start thinking about your new year’s resolutions & how you can stick to them this year. There has been record numbers of people looking for jobs roughly around this time of year, people decide that they want to focus on something new for the new year. But many people struggle to put anything into action, so now is the time to try something different and to kick start your job hunt with renewed vigour and guile.

STEP 1 – Tailor your CV.

When trying to kick start your job search, you should be truly tailoring you CV to each individual role. As a recruitment business, we see many applicants who use the same old CV for every role, even when the job description and the spec are completely different. Whilst it’s true that tailoring something takes time, but if you do take that time the results will be worth it.
If you’re sat there thinking “how am I going to do that for all the different role positions I’m applying for?” I’d probably say that you need to think about what positions you’d like to apply for, rather than applying for far too many. At this moment let’s start a revolution of thinking quality over quantity and cut back on the applications, and only apply to the roles which you want.
Job specs can be extremely handy when it comes to tailoring a CV, you can use them like a checklist, ensuring that all the essential requirements are clearly accounted for. Evidence is also key, so include details of anything of which you have taken responsibility for, but also strategies of which you have implemented in and make sure that you do include any quantifiable evidence.

STEP 2 – Broaden your job search.

With the expansion of job boards and the rise of online recruitment practices, it isn’t totally surprising that the number one job search strategy is an internet search. The problem is that if everyone is using that technique unless you’re considering a very niche or high-level corporate job, you’ll be up against lots of competition. Job boards should be one branch of your overall job search strategy.
Recruiters like us are the key to making your life easier, but you also have to help to make ours easier as well. Ensuring you are clear about what you can do, but also keeping in touch with us on a regular basis, will ensure that not only will you gain information and advice from our team before & after an interview. But it ensures that we’re able to get you your dream career. In addition to using job boards as well as us as a recruiter, don’t forget the more traditional methods such as networking. Quite a large number of job vacancies never actually make it to the job boards and us as recruiters are often the only way to know about them. So, by talking to us directly enables you to get gain job opportunities others wouldn’t.

STEP 3 – Follow-up after your interviews.

Following up after an interview is a great way to show your professionalism, but can also help your interview remain fresh in the employers/recruiter’s mind. By sending a short note or emailing thanking them for the interview, & letting them know that you are looking forward to hearing from them. In the worst-case scenario, if you haven’t got the job, it may prompt them to let you know sooner rather than later, enabling you to gain feedback and an understanding why they didn’t hire you. However, on the other hand, the best case scenario may happen and if you do get wean down to the last few that they are mulling over, it could potentially give you the edge over the other candidates.

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