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Tips for choosing a career path

Category: General Career Advice 

Whether you are at the early stages of your career path, or whether you want to change your career path altogether, you might new a few different methods on how to decide on what to do next.

There is a variety of different ways for finding out what you are fundamentally interested in & what you would like to do. The below information is all collated to help you figure out what your next career move may be before drastically making changes.

-          ASK QUESTIONS.

Ask as many questions as you can, to understand different careers and what it maybe you’d like to do. Such as what type of companies would you like to work for? What type of tasks would you like to be carrying out? After asking yourself these questions, you may have a brief outline of what your dream career may be. Writing all your answers down into a list will enable you to figure out where you may be best suited.

The likelihood is that there will be reoccurring themes within your answers, so try and highlight key information as well as interests of which you believe stands out to you.


Making lists of occupations of which you are potentially interested within, and what you’d also like to possibly explore. This list can be as long as you’d like, but the further assess your skills and interests, look to narrow this down possibly.

-          TRY THINGS.

Not sure of what you’d like to be doing career wise? Try out different roles; you never know what will come from it. Getting experience in a particular sector is a great way of knowing whether it is something you may want to pursue further.

Getting work experience or volunteering will also help you to meet other people and find out a bit more about your particular industry of interest.


Ask yourself what you are good at? Make a list of the skills of which you currently have. You’ll then be able to find out whether there is any of which you’d like to develop, improve or learn.

-          TAKE CAREER TEST.

This sounds a bit weird, but there are several career tests online that can help you gauge on what type of profession you may be interested in. Some career tests can be found on the BBC careers website.


It's honestly amazing the stuff you can learn from other people. Whether it’s friends, family, colleagues or recruiters. You’ll be able to hear and understand a variety of ideas and aspects of different types of careers.

Not only will talking to other people will give you an insight in what their potential careers entail, but also talk to them about yourself. You’ll be able to clearly see what other people think would be best for you.


Figuring out not only a new job aspect/career but also how you may develop it. Try and learn as much as you can about the relevant qualifications of which is needed to peruse your chosen career.  This enables you to understand the different needs and subjects within the specific field of work.

-          IN CONCLUSION;

It is very hard to understand and know what you’d like to do with your career, but there are ways around it. The above methods will hopefully help you get a clear idea about what your interests may be & could possibly help you to move your career path on. Contact us for help with what you’d be suited for we will tailor our recruitment search towards you & help you develop your career further. 

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