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Employment Market 2019

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As we find ourselves approaching the ever-darkening autumnal season, it’s a great time to be reflecting on the year and setting intentions for the year to come. Have you been satisfied with 2019? Did you spend your days doing what drives you - what you love?

Sometimes it’s important to re-address your values and lifestyle choices. The good news is that with the UK unemployment rate at the lowest it’s been since this time in 1974, you’re in the perfect position to making plans for new commitments. We can see that it’s a great time to be on the career ladder with employers are in the market for new recruitments, and perhaps you’re in the market for a new lifestyle.

Though the employment rates are booming, that’s not to say that you can waltz into an interview and command your way through to the next job, even if sales is your ‘thing’! There are important pieces of knowledge and advice that we would love to share:

CV necessities

Recruitment expert Jessica Yates has spent years viewing and analysing candidates CV’s. She has strongly suggested that you do not talk about yourself in the third person in your CV! It’s important that the CV has a professional tone, but it has to come from you. Show that you have put thought, time and dedication when crafting your professional profile. “Less is more – keep CV’s punchy and succinct - 2 pages maximum,” she says, encouraging everyone to stay succinct, concise and straight to the point. Remember, your recruiter will be reading tens if not hundreds of CV’s a day. Don’t miss out on an opportunity just because the gems in your writing are amongst some unnecessary waffle!

Research is key

Jon Shearing, director of Resolve and expert recruiter reminds us that it’s important that you show how much you care about the position you are looking to secure by investing time into researching the business; their brand and place within their market. “This can put you ahead of other candidates being considered for the position who perhaps conduct less time into this essential of the process,” he says. This research and acquired knowledge indicates that you’re one step ahead of the game; you take the time to think, analyse and apply an appropriate understanding of the context of your potential role.

A bonus tip for sales candidates: ‘close’ the interviewer at the end of the interview – ask them if they have any reservations in putting you through to the next stage/offering you the position – this will really demonstrate your confidence and sales skills.


“Do dress to impress – never attend an interview in trainers and jeans” says Yates. Even if the office workwear policy will be casual dress code when you get the role – you’re dressing for an interview not for the job you’re hoping to get! Our appearance says a lot about us; what our values are, our sense of self-care, understanding of self and our environment. It’s important to show the interviewer your best self. Make sure you don’t overdress and feel uncomfortable - there’s an important balance between a healthy level of understanding and an over the top, out of place outfit!


With social media governing so many aspects of our life; advertising, trendsetting, socialising, and documentation, it’s important to remind mindful about who you are in this digital realm. A Linkedin Profile, for example, can be incredibly important when applying for a job. Unlike Facebook, it should be full of your career persona - what experience do you have? How long have you been in employment? What trends are you reblogging about? Do you have a large and helpful network? You should be mindful about your Facebook presence, too, because even in that world you are representing both yourself and your affiliated company. It is important to stay balanced, respectful and professional.

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